Justin Bieber's 17Th Birthday

March 1st, 2011


Its Justin Bieber's 17Th Birthday!

We're all so proud of all of you're success! You were Just 15 not too long ago in this big world!
You accomplished so much in these past 2-3 years! Congratulations! We hope all of your Birthday Wishes come true!

-Beliebers & I!

You made History. It's Destiny because of where you are today. Being able to give up your One and Only 17th Birthday for the world is more than in Inspiration. Your such a genuinely good person. We're all extremely proud of you. Your helping this world to become a better place. We all love you so much Justin. What would we all do without you? Your Unselfishness and your willing to #MakeAChange is extraordinary.

Your saving lives and shaping the world around us. Were all so grateful to have you in our lives.
(Charity Water)

Have a wonderful Birthday Justin Drew Bieber.

March 1St. 1994  

"@ u r growing up so fast but Im proud every day to be a part of ur life and see the man u r becoming! Enjoy the day"- Scooter Braun March 1St 2011